Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Product: JamFactory Glass Studio gets kinky

JamFactory's Glass Studio has been hard at work developing new designs for its studio product range. JamFactory Blog chats to Deb Jones from the Glass Studio about their new product and the inspiration behind these new designs!

What was the inspiration for the new Kink Oil Bottle?
Last year we made a farewell gift for former Metal Design Studio Creative Director Sue Lorraine and we were so happy with it we thought other people should be able to get it as a present too!

Who designed the unique shape of the bottle?
 Like everything we do down here its a combination of people, designs and comments and everyone who came before us.We like the way the shape suits the action. It just wants to pour.


The OK Training vase provides the opportunity for associates to employ a variety of techniques, tell us more about this.
The OK Training Vase is an item designed for exactly that….Good Training. In just one vase our blowers get to pick up colour, put colour onto a gather, blow into a mold, trim the lip, put two handles onto the form and mark the glass with hot brands. We have created a quirky design with a lot of action for you to use as a vase or jug.  Every one’s a winner!

What is the concept behind the ice range?
The Ice Range is designed to showcase an amazing phenomenon of hot glass.  When the glass is half formed and still molten it is plunged into cold water.  The chill is recorded on the surface of the glass capturing this amazing natural pattern.  The forms are simple, showcasing the Ice pattern.