Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Q&A with Artist In Residence Pamela Rawnsley


      Tell us about yourself – how did you become a jeweller?
·         After 4 years at Art College in the U.K., where I worked in many different materials, I eventually set up my own studio as a jeweller.

·         Welcome us to your studio - where is it?
·         While I’m at JamFactory I’m based in a corner of the Metal Studio next to the Associates, but at home in Wales my studio is in a small barn on the hill farm where I live in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

·         What made you decide to come across the globe to work in the Metal Design Studio at the JamFactory in South Australia?
·         I’ve been aware of both JamFactory and South Australian jewellery for some time, so when a funding opportunity became possible then a residency at JamFactory as part of a bigger project was top of my list!

·         Are there any specific quotes, ideas, places that influence your current body of work?
·         ‘Landscape...... a mixture of imagination,geology and belonging.’ Robert Macfarlane

·         You have mentioned how the natural landscape is an influence on your work. Can you elaborate on this? And what have you experienced of the Australian landscape? What influence do you think this may have?
·         It’s the very particular landscape I live in, not landscape generally. It’s an area of mountains and secret valleys, hidden lakes high up and unexpected; iron-rich red soil and soft green hillsides. And most of all, wild and fast changing weather! The atmospheric conditions continually change what you see.
·         In Australia I’ve been able to go to the Flinders Ranges which was an unforgettable experience. The strong clear light, amazing colours and extraordinary rock formations will definitely be an influence, and will hopefully see me re-introduce colour into my work.

Rugged Landscape of Wales

             Does your method of production at the JamFactory differ from how you work in Wales, and how?  
             In Wales most of my recent work is in silver, both jewellery and objects, and is part of a consistent body of work. I’ve begun my residency at JamFactory by working through many new ideas,  drawing, model making, collaging metal components. By documenting them continuously I’m generating many possibilities quite fast which I will refine later.        
             Tell us about some of the experiences and challenges you have come across whilst being in Australia? 
        The small amount of travel I've done has been fantastic..... wish I had more time! I’m enjoying meeting so many other artists, seeing such a wide variety of work and learning about different materials. And Adelaide has some great museums and exhibitions too. Challenges..... I’m a long way from home! 
Pamela Rawnsley Artist Talk at JamFactory

·         What’s next for your practice after Australia?
       My residency at JamFactory is part of an 18 month project, supported by  funding from the Arts Council of Wales, which will enable me to produce a new body of work. (This happens along with the continuation of my current practise.) I was nominated for the funding by Ruthin Craft Centre, one of the U.K.’s premier galleries for the applied arts who have offered me a solo exhibition of this new work. And I hope it will be possible to tour the show both in Britain and, who knows, Australia!
      Pamela will be at Jamfactory for rest of September.
      Visit her website at http://www.caeraumetals.com/