Wednesday, November 3, 2010

JamPacked speaks to Jane Bowden, who's work is exhibiting in Momentum, the 18th Tamworth Textile Biennial, showing at the JamFactory, 29th October to 5th December

Tell us about yourself, how did you become a jeweller?
I bought my first piece of jewellery, a small silver ring, when I was about 11 in Sydney. From the day I put that ring on I wanted to be a jeweller.

Which jewellers, craftspeople, writers, artists, musician, anyone do you find particularly inspiring?
I find so many things inspiring. I love architecture, Japanese furniture, well crafted pieces including well crafted jewellery. Pieces that you can’t work out, just by looking at them, how they were made. Detail…… Objects that make you want to hold them. Trips to other countries, different cultures are inspiring.

Are there any specific quotes, ideas, places that influence this current body of work?
These pieces are inspired by the process of weaving and the small central ring becomes the loom for my piece, and the beginning point. The ring forms have developed as I weave. My aim was to create that link between the internal and external form. I like the way the weaving is translucent and you can see the internal form if you look closely. I have been inspired by forms of the Aboriginal eel fishing traps.

Is there any specific collections, museums that you have found inspiring and why?
I love visiting galleries when I’m travelling. I love the history of the pieces. Who made pieces and when, and what happened to them. Who wore or owned pieces. I love the emotion and life a piece has.

Welcome us to your studio - where is it, do you share the space, if so what are the benefit of a shared space?
Our arcade - Gay’s Arcade, Adelaide SA

Our studio and gallery
Zu Design - Jewellery + Objects

Our Gallery

I work from my studio and gallery in Gay’s Arcade, Zu design - jewellery and objects. Gay’s Arcade is a part of Adelaide Arcade and is such a beautiful place to work in. Our Gallery show cases over 80 artists from across Australia. Roman and I run Zu design and we have access tenants who share our space. It’s great sharing a space with other jewellers. We share equipment and help with making solutions. I find it inspiring.

Our Workshop

The work for the exhibition: Can you describe the specific themes reflected in this body of work?
Woven ring series for MOMENTUM - My work for this exhibition is about the momentum and rhythm in the process of the weaving and construction of each of my pieces.

Describe your method of production in this current work?
I begin with a small central form and then add many pieces of silver wire which become the warp for my weaving. I use a very fine piece of silver or gold wire (0.3mmin diameter) as the weft and I weave my ring form. In these pieces I have varied the colour using different metals including sterling silver, 18ct white, 18ct pink gold, 22ct gold and beryllium treated sapphires.