Wednesday, September 22, 2010

AirCraft gets set to take off!

JamFactory Metal Design Studio Creative Director Christian Hall prepares for his upcoming exhibition AirCraft: lights + mobiles + ornaments to be showcased in Studio Works Retail Gallery from
9 Sept - 31 Oct 2010

Hall presents this series based on the iconic, stylised emblem
of the aeroplane, with a knowing and boyish will, looking to
celebrate the symbol of mechanical flight and produce
objects that carry within them the daring of dreams. 

Whether 'caught in mid zoom' or in motion, the image of the aeroplane, present in Hall's work since 2003,  encapsulates a spirit of optimism that looks back on modernity as an object of nostalgia.

The design, a flat silhouette that is pressed and folded to 'pop up' into existence,  denotes one of the key sculptural concerns in Hall's practice, the spatial ambiguity of form emerging from flatness.

AirCraft highlights the allure of making and manufacture and questions the distinction between the utilitarian and the decorative, and pure and applied arts.These toy-like objects slip between product, artwork, design and craft, with multiple applications from large scale installation in commercial contexts to simple objects in the domestic environment.

AirCraft: Lights + Mobiles + Ornaments
is showcased in JamFactory's Studio Works Retail Gallery from 29 Sept - 31 Oct 2010