Thursday, September 9, 2010

Interview with Associate Samantha Bosward

JamFactory talks to first year Furniture Design Associate Samantha Bosward about her JamFactory experience and the studios latest exhibition 'Product'!

Tell us about yourself, how did you become a furniture designer/maker?
Having always been interested in art and design I went on to study Interior Architecture at University for a short period of time. Needing to fulfil my want to make and be hands on I moved to Tafe to study furniture design and wood machining.
 Where do you go, look, research for inspiration?
I look at natural objects for inspiration. I photograph and collect seed pods, tree bark, leaves etc to study their forms and textures.


 What are your main objectives while undertaking the Associate Program at JamFactory?
To experiment! Use this opportunity to try out making techniques and use different natural materials.  
Can you tell us about the theme of the exhibition?
The exhibition's theme is "Product". It was an exercise to explore a concept - to develop processes and ideas for making items in a commercial environment. 

Could you describe your work from the show – the ideas behind the work you produced and your process of making?
I have used the process of gapped segmented turning to make my "Woven turnings". Essentially the idea was to replicate the delicate form and structure of woven bowls and baskets but in a more solid material.
Which crafts people, writers, musicians are inspiring?
I am quite the William Morris fan- the repetition and subject matter of his prints. 
Are there any specific Quotes; Ideas; Places; that have influenced this current body of work?
Patterns in natural objects and the movement and changing of their forms over time. 

Product  will be showcased in JamFactory's Studio Works Retail Gallery until 25 September