Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jam Packed interview with jeweller Linda Hughes

Tell us about yourself, how did you become a jeweller?
I've always 'made' things. I started out as a sculptor and just scaled down to jewellery objects.

Which jewellers, craftspeople, writers, artists, musician, anyone do you find particularly inspiring?
I admire Australian artists such as, Brett Whiteley, Rosalie Gascoigne, Jeffrey Smart and Clarice Beckett. I like street art; graffiti

Jewellers in particular are, Manfred Bischoff, Ramon Puig Cuyas, Katja Prins, Helen Britton and Rian de Jong

Have any of these people had a specific influenced the way you approach making? If so, how?
Jeffrey Smart's palette appeals to me obviously, his sense of composition.

Is there any specific quotes, ideas, places that influence this current body of work?
I've been obsessed with the streetscape for years and continue to be.

Is there any specific collections, museums that you have found inspiring and why?
I could sit for hours in front of Jackson Pollock's 'Blue Poles' at the NGA, it's a journey of discovery.  For jewellery, Gallery Marzee and the V & A.

Welcome us to your studio - where is it, do you share the space, if so what are the benefit of a shared space?
My studio is at home, isolated. Bright, warm with real coffee. However, I have contact with my peers at uni and in their studios when a friendly exchange is needed.

The work for the exhibition: Can you describe the specific themes reflected in this body of work?
Street signs and more street signs, subtle changes in pieces and hidden messages.

Describe your method of production in this current work?

Escherlike think parquetry and glue!