Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Q&A With Locavore Curator Wayne Mcara

Wayne Mcara is a Second Year Associate at The JamFactory Ceramics Studio and he is also curator of the upcoming JamFactory exhibition Locavore, which brings together outstanding established and emerging local artists to produce functional bowls and dinnerware. The design of each piece draws upon rich and varied locally sourced foods. 
Locavore is part of Tasting Australia and will run from 20 April – 7 June in the Showroom, located on the first floor of The JamFactory. 

Curator, Wayne Mcara
What is Locavore?
Well, the word Locavore means to eat locally.

Tell us about the exhibition Locavore.
The exhibition brief was for artists to respond to local south Australian food or food regions. Some artists have chosen a particular experience; some of it is stretched to include wine. But the emphasis is local-something particularly relevant to South Australia.
Mixed Dozen, Tom Moore

Gather and Share, Sunshine G B March

How are some of these themes conveyed, for example, in the ceramics images we have with us here today?
Well, Sunshine March has made a series of pieces that respond to a local food swap that she’s involved in where people in her immediate community share excess produce on a weekend where they sort of give and take depending on their own needs, which I think is really cool.
Other artists have responded to their experiences at the Central Markets and the various ways we engage with local produce.

Angela Walford

Looking again at Sunshine March’s ceramics and the garden swap, can you tell me more about these pieces?
What I know is that each dish, or palm plate I think she’s calling them, will have a colour and the colour will respond to the type of fruit or vegetable being traded, and she’s also decorating them with a sgraffito or a relief pattern whether it be a leaf, or I think I saw one that had a cross section of a chili with seeds and they're really expressive and beautiful! I can’t wait to actually see them.
Gather and Share, Sunshine G B March

Angela Walford
Mixed Dozen, Tom Moore

I have to ask about this fantastic image of Tom Moore’s glassware. How do these amazing goblets fit into this exhibition?
I think Tom’s rationale was that each character could represent or reflect a particular characteristic of wine, or a variety of wine, or an experience of wine, so I guess that’s the idea behind the Mixed Dozen. It is a dozen glasses and they do sort of represent a full dozen or a case of wine. I think it’s titled Mixed Dozen. I’d have to check. I think it’s an awesome idea too.

I understand that in addition to being a ceramist, you are also a fully qualified chef. Has this background in all things food helped you curate this food-focused exhibition?
I think it’s enabled me to offer insight, especially to people who are not local to South Australia and guide them towards what is available around the state. I think I have food knowledge and an understanding. I’m always trying to use what’s in season and try to cook with that ideal in mind where I can.

Tell us about the Artists you’ve involved in the Locavore Exhibition.
I think we’ve got twelve artists in total. We have (indigenous) work coming from Ernabella where two sisters share a family story so the motifs and the iconography are very similar even though stylistically they are quite different. Jane Burbidge is producing work that examines the insects that share the food with us as they are growing in her local garden. Caren Ellis is making a butcher’s block, so she will be bringing wood work into the show. 

Angela Walford
Who is Locavore for?
I think anyone who has an interest in food will find something interesting here, and anyone who appreciates beautiful things! It will be interesting to read what the artists and designers see in their own work and how it fits the concept. Everything in the exhibition will be available for sale, and I’m looking forward to seeing a really interesting and diverse collection on display.

Gather and Share, Sunshine G B March

Locovore runs from 20 April - 7 June in The Showroom, first floor of The JamFactory.